Internal Net Promoter Score (Internal NPS)

Alternative methods for organizations which consider using Net Promoter Score as a method for assessing the internal IT end user.

Is Net Promoter Score suitable for IT departments? 

Our clients often ask us whether they can use NPS to measure the internal experience of IT services. NPS has origins as an external customer loyalty metric and due to there being no effective alternative at the time, NPS gradually gained a foothold in internal organizations as well.

Net Promoter Score versus IT Happiness Score

NPS primarily focuses on external customer satisfaction and aspects of a business where there are substitutes available. A typical NPS question would be “how likely is it that you would recommend _____ to a friend or colleague?”, and while this may provide valuable results when comparing brands or products it becomes less relevant when you start asking about IT Services,  Business Applications, IT projects or the IT Service Desk for example. IT end-users don’t have a possibility to choose their ‘supplier’ / IT department.

If you are looking for an alternative method or an IT KPI as alternative for NPS, the IT Happiness Platform offers you the IT Happiness Score. Please sign up for a Free Trial of the IT Happiness Platform to determine your IT Happiness Score.