What is the IT Happiness Platform?
The IT Happiness Platform is developed for IT departments and for Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) that want to measure and improve the satisfaction with IT services. With the IT Happiness Platform it is possible to create one or multiple surveys for one or multiple organizations. Surveys created within the IT Happiness Platform can be launched either via the Platform or through your distribution channel of choice to the IT end users in the organization or in the client organization (for MSP’s: seats). All survey results can be accessed and analyzed using the Platform dashboard. The IT Happiness Platform is suitable for organizations with up to 1,000 IT end users / 5,000 seats (for MSP’s)

What company is behind the IT Happiness Platform?
The IT Happiness Platform is a product that is created by Yorizon BV based on decades of experience in the field of satisfaction research. Yorizon specialises in IT Happiness awareness, monitor and activation programs making use of surveys, benchmarking and workshops. Yorizon has its headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

In what languages is the IT Happiness Platform available?
The IT Happiness Platform wizard is currently available in English. Surveys can be created in multiple languages according to availability.

Is my data in the IT Happiness Platform safe?
Absolutely. All of the information which goes between our servers and the survey respondents is exchanged through HTTPS. All information is saved on EU datacentres (The Netherlands) which are all certified according to the industry standards for quality, reliability and safety.

What kind of support can I expect?
Our team is available via chat and email during office hours: 9:00am – 5:30pm (CET / Amsterdam time) in the Dutch and English languages. During these hours we generally answer all messages within 1 hour. Contact us.

What is included in the Free Trail?
The Free Trial offers you all the features of the paid versions but with a few limitations. Please go to your account overview in order to see what is included in the Free Trial.

What happens after the 14 days Free Trial period?
After the 14 days Free Trial period there is no tacitly paid extension. It is then up to you to decide whether you would like to continue using the paid IT Happiness Platform services via one of the month subscription packages.    

Do I have to pay as soon as I start creating my IT Happiness survey?
No, you can configure and test your survey first. Once you’re happy with it and you’d need the possibilities of the subscription packages, you can order and pay online. 

What is included in the subscription packages?
All paid subscription packages offer the following:

  • Template questionnaires available in multiple languages
  • 3 background templates to choose from
  • Upload company logo
  • Change the question labels
  • Change the segmentation names and categories
  • Change the application names
  • Schedule survey invites or use hyperlink for your preferred distribution channel
  • Add additional end users to a live survey
  • Trend surveys
  • Online dashboard with data export possibilities

What are different subscription packages and prices?
We offer 3 packages for IT departments and 3 packages for IT Service Providers / Managed Services Providers (MSP’s):

IT Manager SMALL: Maximum 100 survey invites per month. Suitable for organizations with 50-250 IT end users: € 95/month (~US$ 103)

IT Manager MEDIUMMaximum 250 survey invites per month. Suitable for organizations with 250