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How happy are your IT end users?

Find out with the Free IT Happiness Quickscan.

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IT Happiness Quickscan

  • Online standardized IT end user satisfaction survey
    • IT Infrastructure Services
    • IT Service Desk
  • Do it yourself online platform
  • Proven structure with closed and open questions
  • Predefined question sets
  • From creation to rollout in less than 10 minutes
  • Create, invite your end users, collect feedback and report
  • Select one or more survey languages of choice:
IT Happiness Quickscan Portal
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IT Happiness Survey

Your end users will love this

  • Simple and attractive questionnaire design
  • 1 minute questionnaire
  • Suitable for any device
  • Users’ ability to give compliments and suggestions to improve
  • Anonymous

Great insights

  • Online dashboard
  • Report on IT Happiness KPI
  • Results per user group
  • Open comments for improvements
  • Word Cloud
  • Benchmarks (optional)
IT Happiness Dashboard
IT Happiness PDCA

Basis for improvement

  • Use the value of user feedback
  • Learn from improvement suggestions
  • Baseline for monitoring results
  • Basis for in-depth follow-up measurement(s)
  • 2 Questionnaire models: IT Infrastructure services and IT Service Desk
  • Choose the predefined topics you’d like to include
  • Survey live in 10 minutes
  • Predefined segmentation
  • Available in 11 languages (IT Infrastructure Survey only)
  • Use the hyperlink to distribute the survey to your target user group
  • Short survey

  • Open comments

  • Simple and attractive design
  • Easy to use sliders
  • Works on any device
  • Anonymous

  • Online dashboard

  • Report on IT-Happiness KPI
  • Results per user group
  • Open comments

  • Wordcloud

  • Exports possible to CSV or XLS

“IT Happiness has been a great solution in helping us getting valuable feedback from our IT end users, enabling us to support our IT strategy and operations”

Angelos Varthalitis – IT Operations Manager
eVision Industry Software B.V.

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